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Because there's no takebacks.

Starbuck/Apollo Shippers Anonymous
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made by hazyshade

Texture used in header image courtesy of http://hybrid-genesis.net/

Stylesheet by refuted

This is Starbuck/Apollo Shippers Anonymous Headquarters. The (un)official LJ community where fans of the Battlestar Galactica romance between the two (former) hotshot viper pilots can share in all the joys and pains being a shipper entails. This community addresses all your shipper addiction needs, especially in times of crisis! Rather than trying to curb your obsession, SASA specializes in channelling it in healthy ways.

Members are encouraged to pair up with a monthly sponsor to prevent jumping ship.

Post anything regarding the pilots, including discussion posts, fanart, fanfic, pictures, news, etc.

01. Respect for fellow members and their opinions is a MUST. Criticize opinions, not posters. Any deviation from this rule will result in immediate banishment from the community. When in doubt, consult your sponsor.
02. Please write in full sentences/words with proper punctuation and capitalization. No internet shortform. It's just easier to read.
03. When posting, anything beyond a reasonable size/length should be posted behind a cut. More than three icons should follow the same rule. (How to make a LJ cut.)
04. Fanfiction should be carefully marked according to rating (eg. PG, R, NC-17). Also, NO RPF (Real Person Fiction).
05. No p0rnographic images/manips. Let's keep those to our imagination.
06. Respect Jamie and Katee and their privacy - avoid discussion of their private lives. Likewise, all due respect must be shown to the other actors on the series.
07. No advertising unless included at the bottom of a post which contributes to the community.
08. If you're not a fan of the Kara/Lee relationship and want to rant about it, buzz off.
09. Pimp, pimp, pimp this community!

Your mods: canadiangirl_86, boom_queen, and dionusia. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.


Please comment if you wish to be affiliated with sasa_hq.